The Classes at TheStudio

A Wide Range of Workout Programs Designed to Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

A blend of rigorous interval training that has a sequence aiming to work on cardio, agility, endurance, strength and conditioning. It is fat sizzling as well as a muscle-building workout. Athletic Conditioning is the ultimate performance enhancer.

This is a strengthen and lengthen full-body workout that ends up with you being stretched. The Ballet Barre is complemented with other props which aim to work on every muscle leading up to a great posture... starting from your toes to lifted and firm derrieres and all the way up to your head. not to forget the dancer's sinewy arms and great postures

This is a class that is inspired by Ballet but one that can’t be underestimated. You might think it looks graceful and effortless but it’s a ballerina’s job to fool you that way.
P.S. You don’t have to be a dancer to feel like one.

TheStudio's most popular workout, that has fitness addicts rising by the minute and a surging waitlist.

Bodification is a homegrown mind and body fitness philosophy. It’s a low impact functional workout applying the principles of Pilates, working on strengthening from the deepest stabilizing muscles to the most superficial mobilizing ones, producing a balance of well sculpted and lengthened muscles.
It’s a full-body, core-focused, injury-free workout enhancing stamina, endurance and strength.

It’s just so right for your body you will be always coming back for more.

This class is a unique flow of different exercises making the core the essence of the class while perfecting your form.
Full body workout, loading every muscle in your body working from the inside out.

The right balance of classical reformer exercises and a Bodification blend with resistance. The kind of balance that gives you combination strength, flexibility, coordination and balance which eventually leads to daily life improvements and better posture while relieving you from back pain.

The evolved high-intensity indoor fun cardio spinning class with the RealRyder bikes. Short bursts of cardio blasts strengthening your most important muscle, “the heart” and lungs not forgetting the core and upper body due to the real feel of non-stationary cycling. Fly high in an upbeat fun environment with high energy music and sweat out/burn/lose those calories. Eliminate the unnatural stresses on your body experienced on a stationary bike. Increased functional muscle recruitment with three planes of movement.

High-Intensity Interval Training = HIIT

This is a tough cardio class that works towards increasing muscle mass and toning you up. HIIT is a 45-minute High-Intensity Interval Training that flows. It flows efficiently and gives you fast and great results; it boosts your fat-burning ability and is great for your heart. It also increases overall metabolism-you will be still burning long after the class. From how it sounds…It is a very challenging class. (not for beginners or those with injuries)

The class that passes too fast! Experience it all, moving from one station to another all while spiking your metabolism and boosting your energy. It is an intense full-body workout that also drives your heart rate. It will include High-Intensity Interval Training. Who said hard work cant be fun?

With a rising interest in Pilates and how it benefits your body in so many ways, you can now try our Pilates classes whether the Pure Pilates class or the ones where we use interesting props (the mini ball, the foam roller, the fitness circle, swiss ball…to name a few). In our Pilates class, we take it down to the foundations - yet present enough challenge to you to provide a full-body workout. Pilates can benefit anyone and everyone-once you get the hang of it and do it correctly.  It will change the way you perform any exercise and add value to your training.
This type of class is beneficial for those with injuries, especially back and knee problems. This is a great option for anyone looking for a deep workout to develop the DEEP CORE through working your body inside out.

Pilates or Yoga?

Can’t make up your mind and want the best of both worlds?!?! This is the class for you! It’s the pure Pilates infused with Yoga. You will be getting your Pilates with more breathing, sun salutations, more stretching, and static Asanas- along with relaxation at the end.

“Your body is your machine"

The just TRX class gives you great muscle building results by relying on your own bodyweight to help form a  solid core. Get fast and effective results through this suspension training class.

A 25-minute intense Spin Class that drives your heart rate enhancing the afterburn (EPOC) followed by a 25-minute TRX suspension workout focusing on strength and core stability. You'll finish off with a good stretch.
WARNING: INTENSE- not for beginners or those with injuries.

Without the surgery....and no it’s not just for the ladies!

This is for those who dare!
Lipo: the removal of excess fat (and if you are not looking for the weight loss- the High-Intensity Training will work on your heart, lungs, and endurance). Sculpting/Sculpt: tone, mold and shape the body by working on your muscles.
It’s not just about the weight loss and toning- it’s also about the endurance and pushing your limit!
This class is very intense- and not recommended for beginners or those with injuries
Note: props like jumping rope, Bosu, Medicine ball, and stability ball will be used.

Ever dreamt of being a super star!!! Ever listened to music and felt the urge to move
There it is- your Dance Class....come dance-let go and become the star you always dreamt of being BUT you’ll still break a sweat and get worked out while being jolly.

…and work on your physique.
It’s the workshop that will work on every muscle of your legs from your toes to lifted and firm derriere. Not to mention the dancer's sinewy arms and great posture. A mixture of Barre and Dance gives you a full-body workout.
We will be using the ballet barre to strengthen and lengthen your body. The Dance workout segment is also a full-body, fast-paced workout that will get you burning calories while sculpting your body.
All levels

Imagine yourself in a tutu and point. No previous Ballet experience needed. This class is a good option if you want to brush up on the basics and work on technique.

Resume where you left off…for those of you that once did Ballet and want to take it up again.
Previous experience required.

This class works entire body and drives your heartrate!
Work on your heart muscle as well as every other muscle in your body. Take your body beyond its limits!
By adding the BOSU to your working you will challenge your core and build your stability!

Prepare your body for the Konafa, Basboussa we 3eish sarraya
This work out will aid in detox. The class starts off with a light cardio section, transitions into Pilates and toning exercises, followed by some interval training to raise your metabolism, ending with a relaxation section. Leave the class burning calories, feeling vibrant, toned, and lengthened.

Bring a new twist to your workout! Stability ball and foam roller! A Challenging strength and stability workout that will improve your posture, increasing flexibility, and even get a deep massage. An energizing session that will wake up your "powerhouse". Find out how these props can take your workout to the next level. The ball and the foam roller =more muscle recruitment and more calories burned. 

The class with all the different balls: Stability ball, mini ball, and toning balls.

Your muscles will be active from the first second of the class.
This class will make the best out of these props to tone and challenge you in different ways- feeling the workout as you are doing it.
Get your core and deeper muscles working while you are stabilizing. You will target your mobilizing muscles as you move those balls around.

Bands is a series of exercises for strength and conditioning. A powerful combination of resistance training with cardio bursts, using muscle tension, to increase challenge and intensity.

A TheStudio Exclusive Program. 

Bring stretching to your workout routine. Improve your flexibility and work on your form. Help your body recover and rejuvenate. You will be moving across the space and breaking a sweat. Learn floor movement and holding positions while breathing to enhance your mobility.