About The Studio

Our Philosophy

  • Develop

    Dynamic Movement and Stability, as well as Working on Mobility vs. Steadiness.

  • Study

    Movement in Different Planes

  • Focus

    Different Working Muscles (Contractions, Isometric and Isotonic)

  • Work

    Deeper Muscles Before Superficial Ones

  • Believe

    In a Holistic Lifestyle, Applying it in Every Possible Aspect

  • Community

    Founded on the Pursuit of Collective Self-Improvement, not Perfection

Evolution Starts with Small Ongoing Improvements

Built on the premise of passion, knowledge and leading a holistic lifestyle, The Studio is a space for fitness and training, with mind and body awareness at the heart of its approach.

Founded by fitness and wellness couple Sarah Helmy and Aboubakr Shaaban, this boutique fitness studio offers Pilates-based workouts that are fun, innovative, safe, and super effective. 

At The Studio, our goal is to promote wellness throughout our community and provide a space for people to move safely and form mind-body connections

Since the beginning of our journey in 2010, we’ve consistently made efforts to offer personalized experiences in intimate group settings, forming a familial atmosphere that continues to grow.

At The Studio, we cater to clients' fitness goals and specific needs by factoring in every conceivable detail, such as pre-existing injuries or postural imbalances, tailoring workouts to best suit them and their goals.

In addition to all this, we also proudly share our wealth of knowledge by offering instructor training programs.